Al Roker of Today was after another Guinness World Record with his Rokerthon and News Center Maine meteorologist was a part of it.

The record Al Roker was trying to set was for "Most People in an Online Weather Reporting Video Relay." To accomplish the record, meteorologists at NBC affiliates across the country participated on the online stream as Al hosted tossing to each one of them in succession for a local weather forecast.

In order to qualify for the record, each forecast had to include local conditions, a weather forecast for the next 24 hours, and must be continuous with only a short break in between forecasts for Al to toss to the next meteorologist.

News Center Maine Meteorologist Ryan Bretton was one of those meteorologists Al tossed to, given his Maine forecast from the most recognized lighthouse in the world, Portland Head Light.

Ryan was scheduled to be on around 8:14 a.m. but was running a bit late. That's understandable when you're moving through 50 different weather forecasts.

Eventually, Ryan got his time to be in the national spotlight and as far as we are concerned, had the best live shot of the bunch in front of the 220-year-old lighthouse.
We've tried to cue up Brian's segment, but if it doesn't start there, jump ahead to 39:45 to see it.

Okay, so the beach ball toss gimmick didn't go off perfectly for Ryan, but honestly, it didn't work too well for anyone else either. And yeah...Al mispronounced Ryan's last name, but he's allowed a pass when he has to introduce 63 different people in a little over three hours. That's right. Al smashed the record with 63 meteorologists reporting for the longest online video relay. Congrats Al and Ryan!

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