Sanford police are trying to get businesses in Sanford to follow mandates to stay safe against the coronavirus.


WMTW 8 reported that Sanford police is using Facebook to help get the word out about a consumer complaint line where people can report businesses that are not following city and state coronavirus mandates.


As you can imagine, this isn't settling well with everyone and some say it's a 'tattle tale line,' and others think something has to be done to get the outbreaks under control. Sanford and York county has had trouble with outbreaks. The Sanford police department teamed up with York County Community Action to have people call or email if they see businesses not following the city’s mandatory mask ordinance or other orders.

According to WMTW-8, Police Chief Thomas Connolly said that officers will give out written warnings first and then repeat offenders could be charged.

The chief went on to say:

Wearing a mask, contrary to what some people say, is not a violation of their constitutional rights. It's not something that's evil. It's not one of the deadly sins.


They've gotten about 100 calls so far. York County Community Action has sent out health educators and they are giving businesses personal protective equipment, if they need it.



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