We took the kids to Santa's Village for their New Year's Eve Partybration. This is the 5th year they have done this and it really was a blast!

We have done it before and the kids all knew EXACTLY what they wanted to do first - Santa's Chimney Drop!

While I was busy peeing myself on the ride, Jen was off getting fresh made donuts at 'Donner's Doe-Nuts'. Despite the name, deeeeeelish!

Then new this year was 'You-Tubing'. Adorable. And yes, I made a YouTube. I was actually speaking, but you can't hear a thing!

There was so much to do and eat! Lot's of rides, we decorated gingerbreak cookies at the 'Sugar 'N Spice Bake Shop', watched the Jingle Jamoboree at the Jingle Bell Theater and did I mention food. All included in the price of admission. Want popcorn? Included. Cheeseburger? Included. A third bag of those little donuts? Included. Don't tell anyone, but that was my favorite part.

Then the fireworks at 8 pm. And just like everything else at Santa's Village...it was done really well!

If you think you may want to bring 2016 in at Santa's Village, do NOT forget the hand warmers and don't eat anything before you go!