Have you ever shopped at a Dollar General?

Have you noticed all of a sudden Dollar General stores are popping up everywhere in Maine and New Hampshire? That is because they are becoming SO popular in these hard economic times. Why go to a pharmacy and buy marked up body wash when you can get it for a few bucks cheaper? AND, they are the same name brand!

Growing up in Woodbury, Tennessee we had a Dollar General store and man the prices were always right. Don't let the name fool you though. Not every thing in the store is a dollar. But, all of their products are marked down to reasonable prices.

The Journal Tribune has reported that the construction on the new Dollar General coming to 19 Heath Street is fixin' to start. No word yet on an exact opening date. You will be able to purchase beauty supplies, clothing, food, cleaning products and more at really great deals! Your wallet is going to thank you!


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