I've been attempting to get to all of the stellar breweries in Southern Maine and haven't had to chance to hit up Sebago yet, but it might just be next on my list with this news!

According to Press Herald, the brewery's brand spankin' new facility is opening in Gorham this afternoon (Tuesday 2/27) and allows the company to fine-tune quality, expand capacity, innovate and showcase its line of beers.

The new location features a lot of impressive upgrades at double the cost of their intended budget. But it's all in the name of good business sense, claims co-founder Kai Adams.

“We’ve taken a lot of risk, but after 20 years, you want to make the right decisions because we have 225 employees we’re responsible for now,” Adams said. “If we can do the sales we did at our old location here, and if we generate the same amount of revenue that we do at one of our brew pubs, then it all makes sense. It’s sustainable. That’s the gut check. ”

Sebago's exciting news is coupled with the fact that Lone Pine, a brewery that I *have* visited and loved, is itself expanding into Sebago's old facility, reports Press Herald. Onwards and upwards for Maine breweries!

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