So, you've seen the construction on Center & Free Streets in Portland for months and months, but now... the wait is over.

Aura, formerly the famous Asylum, has reinvented itself, and we were super impressed.

Tonight, we were invited for a "sneak peek" opening to see what the new venue is like, and the changes were stunning.

Don't worry, the sports bar that we all know and love is still there. But where the former event room used to be, Portland now has a magnificent tiered venue that has all the hallmarks of a fancy nightclub in the big city. A big stage with state-of-the-art sound, lighting and video systems are the centerpiece in the main event space, surrounded by a standing area with tables, a raised bar with more room to chill and watch a show, and a balcony tier above the main level with wrap-around seating for a few hundred people.

Every inch of the old Asylum has been redone with a hip, sleek new look that will be perfect for hosting the kinds of events that Portland just loves. See what's coming up at Aura here.

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