If today's morning show is any testament of how the rest of our Downtown with Shinedown event is going to go, then boy are we in for it, but in the best way possible. This morning, when I asked our Q97.9 listeners what the weirdest thing in their house was that they'd be willing to trade me for tickets into our invite-only, exclusive Shinedown performance at AURA in Portland, Maine, things got really intense. Again, in the best way possible.

It turns out that when you offer up a very intimate session with one of your favorite rock bands, a Q&A session, and a personal interview by myself (Krissy), people would trade you their children's baby teeth for the invite. Starting this morning, I'll be giving away one invite per morning for the rest of this week and next, ending on Thursday, May 23. It doesn't stop there, either! If you're more of an evening person, Jade in the afternoon will also be dishing out one invite per show until 5/23 next week!

So far, I've been offered baby teeth, umbilical cords of mother's children, grandmothers, family vacation trips, and so many other odd things in exchange for these tickets, and I have never laughed so hard on one of my radio shows in my life. I cannot wait to keep this going for the next couple of weeks, and then see all of our winners at the show. So if you're reading this and are a diehard Shinedown fan, start going through your house for the most unique, odd possession you can find, and make sure you call me in the mornings for your shot to compete. Let's keep getting weird. The weirder the better. Only on Krissy in the Morning. GOOD LUCK!

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