We’ve all heard the jokes about whale watching. “It’s more like a water watch!” “How’s this work – do the whales watch us??” In maybe ten years of whale-watching as a kid – taking boats out of Newburyport and Portsmouth – I think I saw part of one or two whales. They just don't like me.

Not complaining, though! It got us out of the classroom.

However, whale-watchers off of Provincetown not only saw a whale, but saw it completely breach the water (jump all the way out).

The video was shared to CBS 4 Boston, which notes that when a whale leaps completely out of the ocean, it is likely communicating something to their pod through the sound and vibration of the splash.

This comes just a month after an even more breathtaking moment off of Cape Cod when three whales breached the water in unison. That footage was captured by a family that was enjoying some fishing.

The sightings come at a time when some are advocating for locals and tourists alike to be more mindful of not only whales, but sharks. Not long ago, legendary film director Stephen Spielberg expressed regret over filming Jaws due to the fear it caused many to have for sharks.

“I truly and to this day regret the decimation of the shark population because of the book and the film,” he said, adding that he genuinely feels that sharks are “mad” at him for causing a spike in shark-hunting.

But according to interviews in British newspaper The Guardian, it is more likely that overfishing has led to a decline in the shark population.

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