It looks like the Monument Square Holiday Tree has not only been found, but it has been placed in Monuments Square as of this morning.

This is not a typical holiday season, but at least there will be something that will remind us of a time when things were more consistent.

Portland Downtown and Portland Parks and Recs or collaborating for this year's presentation, and as posted last month on, there will be a 24 hours stream of the tree.

Even though there won't be a live gathering of the actual lighting, you can see it anytime you want.

WGME CBS 13 and appears to be the perfect fit for Monuments Square.

The tree was planted 35 years ago by the mother of Nancy Areycohen's at her childhood home. She told WGME her mother planted trees all over the yard with hopes that one would become Portland's tree.

"It's like my own Christmas miracle," she said. "I feel like I'm with both my parents here at Christmas time."

Definitely an exciting story of seeing Destiny come true.

You can watch the Portland Christmas trees lighting and every day after on the Portland Christmas trees live stream here.



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