The mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio, was holding a press conference about how the city is going to handle up to three feet of snow from Juno. But no one paid any attention, to what he said because they couldn't take their eyes off of the sign language interpreter...

His name is Jonathan Lamberton and he is very expressive and ready? He's also deaf.

He is a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI). Why are they necessary? For this press conference, Jonathan was working as a team with a hearing interpreter who sat in the audience. The hearing interpreter was signing the message to Jonathan, who was interpreting it on camera. Why two interpreters?

Well, when there is a disaster and peoples' health or lives might be in danger, communication is critical. They don't want mistakes when state officials are addressing the public safety.

So using an interpreter, whose native language is ASL, can be a good match when your audience is unknown. A great interpreter may be able to do a great job, but a CDI has the ability to reach ASL users on every level and the message reaches more people.

I love this guy. One of the best parts of the insane snow coverage has been this press conference and the CDI. Is the media over hyping this storm or just the right covereage? Comment below, Facebook or  #PortlandMEJuno.

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