Mascot Hall of Fame

There's a good chance you didn't even know there was a Mascot Hall of Fame. Well, there is, and it's a pretty big deal. It's located in Whiting, Indiana south of Lake Michigan.

The Mascot Hall of Fame is more than a tribute to our favorite plush and furry friends that keep us entertained between innings or at half-time. The Mascot Hall of Fame also acts as an interactive and educational museum for kids! Some noteworthy exhibits include the T-Shirt Shooter Stadium because who hasn't wanted to shoot off a t-shirt canon? Race your friends in Fit To Be Funny where you choose from 4 mascots, make good food choices, and see if you can come out victorious! Want to make your own mascot? There are multiple ways to do so! You can use the Mascot Lab and create one on a computer to send home with you, combine different legs, torsos, and heads in Dr. Frankfurstein's Mascots, or visit their version of Build-A-Bear Workshop; Build-A-Mascot!

MiLB reports that to be nominated, the Mascot Hall of Fame looks at contributions to the team, impact on the community, design, and memorable performances. Slugger certainly checks all those boxes and then some.


Maine's favorite mascot, Slugger, of the Portland Sea Dogs was last nominated in 2019 but didn't get quite enough votes. So, he and the rest of the Sea Dogs are hoping that 2021 will be his year.

The 2021 Mascot Hall of Fame Nominees were announced earlier today.

If you've ever attended a Portland Sea Dogs baseball game you know what a gem Slugger is from running around the bases with kids since 1994, leading Hadlock Field in the YMCA, getting out into the community, or going all-in playing dress-up. Slugger is even the poster-dog for the Strike Out Cancer in Kids program, which, according to MiLB has raised over $5M for the Maine Children's Cancer Program.

The Mascot Hall of Fame website even has a bio about Slugger and notes that his favorite food is a Sea Dogs Biscuit, his favorite song is the YMCA, and he's one of the most followed MiLB mascots on social media.

How to Help

Slugger will only make it into the Hall of Fame with your votes! According to MiLB, the first round of voting will take place between Sunday, October 3rd, and Saturday, October 9th here.

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