Wow.  Did this guy end up in the wrong place, or what?

Recently a group of folks on their snowmobiles cruising the trails came across someone sitting in his rented mini-van with Massachusetts plates on it about 4 miles down a trail in the middle of nowhere.  Upon further investigation, nowhere appears to the Kingdom Trail in Vermont. The mini van was mired in the snow and not going anywhere. The man was wearing sandals.

The man was asked if he was just out for a ride, in which he replied, "No, I'm working."

Looking through the comments left behind on the Facebook post, it explains that this man who besides wearing just sandals, but also very baggy pants and a New England Patriots  hat, was out checking signal levels for a cellular phone company when he became very lost and eventually very stuck.

Lucky for him this group of snowmobilers, some from Massachusetts themselves,  showed up for the rescue and also a little sarcasm, as one of them asked, "Got a helicopter?"

The man is then asked if he had been drinking or if he was carrying any drugs or LSD.  He said he hadn't, and no.

The group with their snowmobiles sitting idle nearby and eventually a couple of game wardens who showed up within the wilderness worked the mini-van back and forth numerous times before getting it unstuck and up the trail.

With the mini-van now unstuck one of the group asked our friend from Massachusetts his name.  At that point our once stranded motorist now standing in his socks reached down into the snow for his sandals and while brushing the snow from them he replied, "Dumb ass."  The group barely produced a laugh, because they had already figured as much.

Finally, with the camera still rolling one of the rescuers then asked, "You want me to send you this video?"  "No thank you", was the quick reply.


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