The Class A Football Maine State Championship is going down on Saturday and it's going to a battle between two amazing football teams. The Oxford Hills Vikings take on the Thornton Academy Golden Trojans at Fitzpatrick Stadium. I'm calling it right now. Oxford Hills is going to win.

Am I biased? Yes I am. As a 1989 graduate of Oxford Hills, I have every right to be. Don't get me wrong, Thornton Academy has an excellent team. They went the entire season undefeated, but Oxford Hills also had an amazing season, crushing Lewiston during the very first game of the season 54-0. They ended the season with only one loss, which just so happened to be to Thronton Academy. Now, it's time for a rematch.

Allyson Danforth
Allyson Danforth

The Vikings have only been to the big Class A football dance once since Oxford Hills High School was established in 1961. In 1999 Oxford Hills lost to South Portland 24-10. They may be the underdogs up against a team with a long winning history, but the Vikings are hungry for it and they can smell a win. So bring it on Trojans! The Vikings are ready for you and you are going down. Strap in everyone. This is going to be a game for the history books.

The Maine Class A Football State Championship kicks off at 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 20 at Fitzpatrick Stadium in Portland. Dunkin' is going to be there for their Tailgate Takeover Tour giving out free samples of their Holiday Blend hot coffee and Pumpkin Munchkins.

Go Vikings!!!!!

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