File this one under "What the H-E double hockey sticks is wrong with people?"

The Paris Police Department posted photos of the playground equipment at Moore Park covered in caution tape. The playground is closed until missing bolts and screws are replaced that police say someone stole right out of the playground equipment.

Paris Police Department
Paris Police Department via Facebook

Obviously, this is a dangerous situation for children, but it just blows my mind that someone would actually take the time to do this.

Paris Police Department via Facebook
Paris Police Department via Facebook

No one steals bolts and screws out of playground equipment because they need them. This is clearly a malicious act that if not noticed, could have caused some serious injury to children.

One person who lives near Moore Park, which sits between High and Park streets in South Paris, commented on the photos saying that they heard people in the park Sunday night and guessed their ages were 12-15 but didn't witness anything so couldn't give any more information.

Hopefully, this is a one-time incident and once the bolts and screws are replaced, the playground will be open again. In the meantime, it might not be a bad idea if you take your child to the Moore Park playground that you just double check that there aren't any bolts missing.

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