J.T. Norton, from South Portland, took his own life when he was 27. His family hopes the film 'Brothers' will help raise awareness about mental illness...


I met the Norton's in such an odd way. I sold a rug to the niece of Suzan Norton. Just one of those Facebook deals. Kayla asked me if I could meet her aunt and cousin...and hear their story.

What a story it is. J.T. Norton was an amazing skate boarder. Talented, and daring and battling schizophrenia. J.T. took his own life in December of 2016. His brother Mike, who was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at age 4, took his brother's death hard.

To deal with his grief, he and his family got together with Reggie Groff, a film maker in Maine who has been around for 30 years. I have even had the pleasure of working with Reggie 25 years ago for this infomercial..

If it doesn't go to the spot with me, forward to 4:17 - or learn a ton about foam...


They have a new trailer to the movie 'Brothers'. They can't bring T.J. back, but they can make people aware of mental illness. Suzan (mom) says that the film honors her son and, hopefully can help break the stigma of mental illness.

Groff released a new trailer this week...it's amazing.

To help get the documentary completed, they are crowdfunding.


The day I delivered the rug, they had been very busy. The Press Herald had been over doing an amazing story on the family. Reggie Groff was over to shoot some footage and then I pop over (with a rug).

They showed me the trailer and I struggled to not cry in front of this family I just met (I'm not a pretty crier).

The struggles of our listeners amaze me. The things that they do to survive every day makes me realize that maybe for a little bit in the morning, they need to escape and just laugh a little...

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