We are looking for the right family to hang with us as we explore Hadlock Field when no one is there!


Are you a Sea Dog fan? Wanna meet Slugger? Wanna raid the concession stand? Can you say Sea Dog biscuits for breakfast? Wanna run the bases and see what the locker rooms look like?


Wanna get on the PA system and announce that you just made the game winning walk off home run?

What's in the souvenir shop anyway? We've got the keys!

Plus, you'll get tickets to an upcoming Sea Dog game so you can actually go when the boys are playing! And best of all, the Q Morning Show with Lori, Jeff and Lou, will be there doing their show live!

So whose family is up for a little pre-summer adventure? The morning of Friday, June 7th, we want you to carve out a couple of hours in your morning. Everyone can be late to whatever, for this adventure! You'll hang with the Q Morning Show and see all that Hadlock has to offer from 7am to 9am!

All ya gotta do is tell us why. Why should we pick your family to get a behind the scenes peak at Hadlock Field?



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