This precious bear cub was rescued by Vermont state game wardens at the Middlebury Snow Bowl, according to WMUR. The male cub only weighed around ten pounds, and was reportedly starving when he was found in a hollow tree last week. The one-year-old was transported to the Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, New Hampshire, where he is recovering. WMUR says he is in "the hands of world-renowned bear expert," Ben Kilham.

Kilham told WMUR that the cub would probably not be alive if he hadn't been captured. Kilham is caring for 60 orphaned cubs, which is the most he has ever had at one time as per WMUR. He says it has been a "particularly bad food season with scarce access to dietary staples like acorns and apples."

The cubs will be released once they gain enough weight to survive by themselves in the wild.


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