Stonewall Kitchen started at a New Hampshire farmers market and is world wide, is now owned by a Boston investment firm.


As scary as that sounds,according to the Portland Press Herald, it's not bad news. The CEO John Stiker and all of the top layer will stay with the company after the buy goes final.

Everyone has a Stonewall Kitchen jam in their cupboard. And it's the go to for our of state relatives to truly get an amazing taste of Maine.

They are based out of their flagship store in York, Maine and have a catalog, cooking schools and are even in Costa Mesa, California.


Right now they have plans for growth with more high end products! It's not going away (phew!)

Stonewall Kitchen was founded in 1991 by partners Jonathan King, who loved to garden and Jim Stott, a non trained cook who loved making jams and jellies. It was a friend who said they should sell their signature jelly...the red pepper jelly. Please tell me you've had it with cheese on a cracker.

Life changing.

As long as Stonewall Kitchen remains the same amazing specialty food place...Santa Claus could own it.


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