It's been 12 years since people in America have been able to purchase Surge soda, but today Coca-Cola announced that the citrus flavored soda that had kids in the 90's bouncing off the walls is making a return.

In 2002, Coca-Cola stopped production of Surge, an American version of a Norwegian soft drink called "Urge." It was Coke's attempt to compete with Mountain Dew that it never won. Coca-Cola should have realized that people don't like it when they mess around with their sodas. (I'm looking at you New Coke)

After being discontinued, Eric Karkovach started a campaign to save Surge. Over the years it migrated to Facebook, and with the power of social media they succeeded and Coca-Cola announced that they will make Surge available again.



Don't think you're going to rush down to your local corner store and pick up a six pack though. It's only available on Amazon and only in a case of twelve 16 ounce cans. Oh and it's currently sold out as of this writing. The very first day! That's better than a life with no Surge though right?


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