Even though Maine can be a very spooky place for a variety of different reasons, surprisingly most Mainers remain calm when the lights are off.

Since we were a kid, we've all been there, alone in the dark somewhere with a growing sense of apprehensiveness.  Face it, you were frightened.  Maybe it was when you left work one night while on your way to where you parked the car. Or maybe it was when you woke up screaming after that bad dream one night, or when you were watching The Haunting of Bly Manor by yourself in the dark.

Bet you turned a light on as soon as you could. But, maybe not, because you're a Mainer.

According to brand new survey results compiled by e-conolight, a company specializing in outdoor and indoor lighting, only 22.22% of Mainers are afraid of the dark.  Now compare that to the scaredy cats in both Washington state and Montana where over 70% are afraid of the dark, and we Mainers look like we have rock solid nerves of steel and ought to be wearing a cape.

Alaska, California, Nevada, Connecticut and Indiana?  Well, they're a bunch of pant loads as well, where over 60% of the residents there are probably still quivering under the sheets from that noise the refrigerator made last night.


The survey showed that 32% of Americans have an uneasy feeling about being in the dark, and when asked what they were afraid of, almost 34% said because of what could be hiding within it.

Overall, 52.4 % admit to checking the backseat of their car at night, while almost 48% said that they have turned on every light in the house after watching a scary movie.

So there you go, just turn a light on next time and maybe you won't step on the cat.

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