It's human nature that when something bad happens we want to find blame and then find a solution. Not all problems are that simple - especially terrorism. Not everyone thinks the borders should be closed to Syrian refugees...and they are publicly displaying their thoughts. 

Ashley Bahlkow and her partner Dan Marks have a homemade banner on their house on Congress Street up on Munjoy Hill.

It says, 'We are Mainers who welcome Syrian (and all) refugee here. Do you?'

Since the banner went up last week, dozens of people have signed the banner with messages of support. They want to mail the banner to Gov. Paul LePage to let him know that his stance on blocking Syrian refugees does not reflect how all Mainers think.

Dan Marks says that it's not a political statement, but a human one.

That got me thinking. 33,000 Americans are killed every year by guns. But our government keeps stopping legislation to do deeper and stricter background checks. But one American is killed overseas in horrific acts of terror and now we are going to stop anyone from Syria from coming into this country.

I get it. I really do. But how can you stop an entire group from coming to our country, when we won't even screen our very own to see who should and shouldn't own a gun?

I'm amazed that Dan and Ashley put up this banner. It's a hot topic. I'm just glad that so far, most people have been very respectful.



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