Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer Research Charities
If you want to make sure you're donating to cancer research and treatment, and not just to cancer awareness, consider supporting these charities and causes with us this year.
You Made a Difference!
Wow. Just wow! This year's Cans For a Cure shattered all records and provided some incredible moments as you helped us in the fight against breast cancer in Maine.
Cans For a Cure Featured on CBS 13 [VIDEO]
CBS 13 stopped by the tent at Cans For a Cure yesterday to shoot a story as we were collecting cans to reach our goal of 500,000.
Day 3 is underway, so make your donation and help us get to our goal so we can all go home and get a shower...
Donations Large and Small
When Mike Carroll, owner of F.R. Carroll, Inc., and some of his employees donated 8,000 cans to Cans for a Cure in 2013, they used a pink cement truck emblazoned with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month symbol to deliver their goods with the cement truck chute...

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