I'll be the first to tell you I am not at all handy. The most complex thing I can do is change a flat tire, and the last time I did that I had to get help because I couldn't get it off the car. I have no right to a man card especially after this simple thing I never knew when trying to unclog a sink.

I accidentally dumped the fat from two pounds of hamburger down the drain. I had drained it into a Tupperware bowl and as I usually do I planned to scoop it out after it cooled and dispose of it where it won't clog my drain. That plan fell apart when I went back to the sink after dinner and it had tipped over dumping almost the entire contents down the drain except of a little tablespoon that had coagulated in near the lip of the bowl. Sure enough, it had hardened in the pipes and the water as not going down.

After dumping several pots of boiling water down the sink, and cleaning out the trap, it was still clogged. I then went to the hardware store to get a snake and the very helpful guy in plumbing asked if I had covered the other sink when I plunged. What?

I went back to the house, put a plate over the drain in one sink and plunged the other several times. Suddenly the plate began to vibrate very loudly and I realized the water was draining!

After I thought about the science of it, this made perfect sense. With all that suction getting wasted right out the other sink drain, of course the clog wasn't moving. I now present my man card. Hang onto that until I learn how to drywall okay?

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