I can remember seeing this commercial for America Online and thinking, "Man..it doesn't get better than this!"

Back in 1995 a new internet service was taking America by storm. That’s the message from the classic AOL television ad where one guy with a mid-90s mullet tells another guy with a mid-90s mullet that he can't go to the game because tomorrow is his mom's birthday and he has to send her something.Who waits until the day before to get your mom a birthday present? Not to worry though because the other mullet weraing guy has AOL and explains the glorious convenience of a modem-based online service. “How about sending your mom some nice flowers?” he says. “All you do is point and click.”

It was like all your problems could be solved with a point and click. The flowers were sent, airline tickets bought, and dinosaur documents downloaded and printed, saving him a trip to the library and they made it to the game ontime!

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