Back in December, Terri was hit by a driver in a parking lot in Portland while picking up her dry cleaning. She lost both legs and gained a whole bunch of spirit.


I've known Terri for years. She told me a story on a recent visit to her home that blew me away. Back at another radio station I worked for, I was at a gas station broadcasting live giving away a giant TV. She was at Bradlees (ask your parents - it's where Kohl's is on the Portland/Westbrook line) and I was across the street. She had her kids in the car and said, 'Wait here...I'll be right back.' She had 10 minutes before the giveaway to sign up. She signed up, I pulled a winner and yup - it was Terri. She said that was the start of her winning streak.

We also chatted about how she is doing. She has ridden a bike, bowled and becoming an expert walker in her stubbies.


This is Terri bowling with some friends at Bayside Bowl.


Bangor Daily News did a spectacular article on amputees and Maine Adaptive Sports. It's shows Terri and her bike that she loved.


This was a life changing event...and it's only been 5 months. She's doing an amazing job. But her new life is expensive. She needs transportation, rehabilitation, doctors visits and ultimately - legs. Her GoFundMe page is still active if you are able to help.




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