Since we have to make everything about us all the time, we at the Q Morning Show are competing in our very own Qlympics over the next three weeks, right alongside the Winter Olympics.

This morning, we kicked off the series of pointless competitions with Elbow Penny Stacking/Catching and the Cookie Face Race. Behold the nail-biting process below! Note: Lori and Jeff compete separately from me because someone has to video the games and our professional videographer was out. And also doesn't exist.

Game 1: Elbow Penny Stacking/Catching

Competitors Jeff & Lori kicked it off...

...and I brought in the bronze.

Next up:

Game 2! The Cookie Face Race

Again, Jeff and Lori compete in an intense race to move their Oreo from their forehead to their mouth the fastest. Jeff thinks he cinches the competition with a 57-second finish...

But much to everyone's surprise, I swiped gold, chomping my Oreo a mere second faster than Jeff's record!

Each of us have an assigned listener who will win prizes according to how we place over the next three weeks. Tune in to the Q Morning Show every Friday to hear us compete in the ever-intense Qlympics 2018, and look out for recap videos right here in blogdom!


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