The Lisbon Fire Department has a brand new fire truck on its way and it's the perfect color for the home of the Moxie Festival.

When we think of fire trucks, for the most part we think of their color as red. It's the standard color for fire trucks in the U.S., but not all departments go with the classic "fire engine red." In fact, Lisbon trucks have not only been traditional red, but also lime green.

Now Lisbon's brand new Engine 7 is going to be delivered in a color that is a perfect fit for the town. Moxie Orange.

Engine 7 has just finished its final inspection where it was manufactured by Pierce Manufacturing in Wisconsin and it's scheduled for delivery in March.

The plan is to eventually have all of the Lisbon Fire Department's truck fleet colored Moxie orange.

If you're the kind of person who likes to geek out over fire trucks and wants a detailed look in and out, the Lisbon Fire Department posted over two dozen photos on their Facebook page sent to them by the manufacturer.

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