The mail service is having more trouble this week as the Local Postal Workers Union said 65,000 pieces of Mail were left behind in Scarborough at the sorting center on Monday, according to WGME.

People working for the post office say that policy such as limits on overtime and, in some cases, in other processing centers, mail sorting machines being taking out of the building are the cause for the tremendous backups, the news station reported.

It is alleged that some people at the end of the route haven't gotten their mail in days, according to our social media comments.

When you ask what could be causing these problems, the new postmaster general is enacting new policies that he says will make the Postal Service more cost-effective and efficient.

Local Postal Union officials are "outraged," according to WGME.

"Delaying the mail an extra day without calling it delayed mail is undermining what we do," Local Postal Workers Union President Scott Adams said to the news station.

This could create problems for people who are more susceptible to COVID-19, who rely on their medications being mailed to their homes. Those groups specifically include disabled veterans and the elderly.

If you know anyone in either of these groups that relies on the mail for their medication or perhaps you might be relying on the ,ail for things that you need for your home business, call your local congressman or your local senator.


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