It's one of the most sought after sandwiches on McDonald's menu because it only shows up for a limited time. The delicious McRib! It's back, but where in Maine can I find it?

I love the McRib, but it's one of those elusive things that is gone before you even realize it was here. This year though, we got the exact date that the McRib would return. Wednesday, October 9.

Last year, McDonald's made it easier to find that elusive, BBQ covered goodness with The McRib Finder, an app that will find your location and show you all the McDonald's near you that are currently serving the legendary McRib. Unfortunately, it looks like that app has been discontinued, at least on Android.

According to AOL, the McRib is being served in every state except Connecticut and New York. They never bothered to say how they know this, and since I've yet to find one in Maine, I had to do some of my own research.

McRib Finder is a website not affiliated with McDonald's where people can report their sightings of the McRib. When you take a look at the sightings map, there's one glaring barren patch in the country.

McRib Locator
McRib Locator

All of New England is a McRib barren zone with the nearest sighting 300 miles away in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

The decision to serve the McRib is up to each franchise owner, and I'm hoping they just haven't gotten their McRib's yet. Fingers crossed. If you spot them in Maine, let me know in the comments!


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