It's one of the most sought after sandwiches on McDonald's menu because it only shows up for a limited time. The delicious McRib! It's back, but where?

I love the McRib, but it's one of those elusive things that is gone before you even realize it was here.

Now McDonald's has made it easier to find that elusive, BBQ covered goodness with The McRib Finder. It's an app that will find your location and show you all the McDonald's near you that are currently serving the legendary McRib.


When I looked for a McRib near me though, no restaurants were serving it yet. Over 30 states in the US showed up having at least one location serving the McRib but none in the northeast.

The decision to serve the McRib is up to each franchise owner, so let's hope the McRib finds its way to Maine soon!

If you spot one, let me know!