How much for the 5 houses? Oh, a cool $10.5 million.

This sprawling compound (you'll see why that's a perfect description) includes a gorgeous 13,307-square-foot waterfront house in Falmouth. This home with a price tag of $10.5 million, is according to MaineBiz, the highest offering price ever in Falmouth and maybe even Cumberland County.

What can a renovation do? Double the asking price. It was for sale in 2018 for literally half at $5.25 million. But it went through a complete renovation. Gutted and reconfigured. They added some nice amenities too like an indoor deepwater diving pool. Yes, indoor. The main house is a four-bedroom home that has 7.5 bathrooms, several balconies, and many common rooms. But the property comes with (here comes the compound part), a waterfront boat house, a pair of two-bedroom accessory dwellings, and a one-bedroom dwelling. The parking area has 21 spaces. We don't have 21 spaces where I work!

The listing broker, David Jones of F.O. Bailey Real Estate, said that he expects to either get the asking price or pretty darn close to it. That doesn't surprise me at all. Jones told MaineBiz,

Very few waterfront properties have a boat house, accessory dwellings, motor home/boat capable garage, deep water dock, and views like this. All the boxes are checked.

I am jealous of every single box that is checked, but boy - if you've got the money, this place is spectacular. Hell, you'd never need to go on vacation ever again because you basically would own Maine's version of Disney World. Here's a sneak peek at all it offers.

153 Foreside Street Falmouth


Wow. If you win the lottery, and it's gonna have to be one of the record-setting jackpots, plop down the $10.5 million on this baby! Save some for a cleaner - can you imagine the dust?


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