Smalls Falls is a popular waterfall and swimming hole in Township E, West Central Franklin, Maine. People come from all over to admire the impressive cascades of water and jump into the wide pools of cool, fresh water. The rocky gorges surrounding the swimming holes are some of the most colorful in the region, too. The red, beige, orange, and gold rocks aren't just beautiful to look at -- they've also got a deep archeological history dating back to the Late Silurian (423-417 million years) or Early Devonian (417-391 million years) periods.

The bed rock surrounding the Smalls Falls region has been heavily researched in hopes of discovering answers to the many mysteries of the Northern Appalachian region. According to the Maine Geological Survey, "The wealth of mapping has revealed a geological history spanning nearly 500 million years."

Smalls Falls offers swimming and hiking as well as areas for picnics. The New England Waterfall Guide says, "At the base of each plunge, cascade, and horsetail is a pool to either wade or swim in. At the base of the lowest fall is a rocky beach, leading to the pool. There are also bathrooms, picnic tables, and fire pits. Altogether, a place as accommodating as any picnic spot you can find."

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