You know that scene and now famous GIF from The Office where Michael Scott slams the table and says, "THANK YOU!"? That's how a lot of people are feeling after Binga's Windham's latest sign said what we're all thinking once again.

Who can forget the ever true, "May your life be someday as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook" from 2017? Or from May of this year, "COVID spelled backwards is DIVOC as in where DIVOC is my tequila".

Now Binga's is saying what we all say to ourselves when we see a multi-colored Honda with a spoiler ripping up the road or a Dodge Ram zooming by even though there are several inches of snow accumulating on the road.


9/10 times this is a guy and the annoying noise isn't due to the car genuinely needing repairs. It's on purpose. This, to the majority of the population, makes no sense because, as the sign says, no one is impressed.

Maybe it's like how 9/10 women say they don't wear makeup and dress cute to impress the men. It's for the ladies and keeping up appearances. Perhaps the loud engine people are just trying to impress the other loud engine people.

Although one commenter said that they "do it for Dale [Earnhardt]" and I suppose if that's the case, #respect.

Nevertheless, these people have lifted Dodge Ram truck guy energy. And if that's you. Well, at least you have that going for you.

Will this just encourage loud engine people to be even louder? Probably. Did it still make us laugh? Definitely.

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