Well here we go. The storm is on our doorstep and the snow for the busiest travel day of the year will mean it will be slow going on the way to Grandma's for Thanksgiving.  

So what's the timing of this? According to CBS 13 Chief Meteorologist Charlie Lopresti,  the snow will start around mid-day today and continue until 6 on Thanksgiving morning. The steadiest will be this evening. The best time to travel to avoid the snow is before noon today or on Thanksgiving day itself. The worst time will be from noon today until 4AM Thanksgiving Day.

Here's the snowfall map showing 8 inches to a foot for most people. In Portland and along the coast a little less.

CBS 13

So you're a hearty Mainer. You know the drill. If you're traveling, give yourself a lot of extra time. Take it slow, give yourself plenty of room between you and the car ahead of you, and my favorite tip: make sure your windshield washer fluid tank is full and have another jug ready to go.

Here's something that will come in handy when you are getting ready to head out. Google has a live traffic map that shows you where the backups are for the major highways and routes. You can zoom in to get a closer view of your route.

Stay safe and have a happy Thanksgiving!