You have to love New England weather, I swear it sometimes has a mind of its own. Of course, we get rain and sunshine, but the snow here can get a bit crazy, especially in Maine.

If you are not prepared for a New England winter, then you really are not prepared for winter in Maine. When I say get ready for snow, I am not talking about cute little flurries, no, I am talking about 8 inches of snow or more.

Yes, we can shovel, plow, and bundle up, up sometimes we are not as prepared for the amount of snow that we will get in a day (or multiple times in a week).

Don't get me wrong, the snow isn't always terrible in Maine, but even when it's not great, we still have to get up early, clean off our cars, and get to work.

Snow can also change our plans big time, especially if we have kids. It doesn't always take a lot of snow to cause school cancellations or delays, and that can throw off our entire day.

In Florida, they have major rain storms and even hurricanes. Floridians joke around that if the restaurant, Waffle House closes, then that determines that the weather is too bad to go outside.

This got me thinking, what has to close to make a Mainer say "the weather is too bad outside, I will not be leaving my house today"?

I asked around and the results are in!

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