Last week I wrote about the worst railroad crossing in Portland and how it was in some dire need of repair before someone loses a tire. Well a couple of days latter it got some repair. 

Some repair is better than no repair I suppose. Jared Guy sent me this photo on Facebook of what appears to be Portland Public Works crews putting some patch down to fill the holes in the pavement around the rail on Forest Avenue at Morril's Corner.

I still believe that this is Pan Am Railways responsibility to repair this according to this page on Maybe the city just got tired of fielding complaints and just took it upon themselves to put a little patch down to make the drive across the rails a little smoother. I don't blame them.

Either way, at least it's a little bit better to cross these tracks. Hopefully the railroad can do a full repair before the winter season hits. If not, come spring, we might be right back to where we were before...or worse.

South Paris has a crossing in even worse shape on Main Street near Ripley & Fletcher Ford. My advice:

Go to the right.