I'm pretty sure you didn't need Nostradamus to figure out that there would be no minor league baseball in Portland this year, but it's official the Sea Dogs will not be playing at Hadlock field in 2020. The Major League Baseball Players Association and the League came to an agreement on a 60-game season that starts training at the end of the month. Each team will have a 30-player roster 30 players reserve that can be called up and trained when needed, but the risk of COVID 19 transmission in the league and a ballpark is too much to liability to have minor league baseball play this year.


The Portland Sea Dogs over the past few decades have been home to some of the Red Sox's most prominent stars while they were either undergoing rehabilitation or training for their next step to the pros. 2020 will be the first time Portland has been without baseball since 1994 in the great strike and the Dog's inaugural year, hopefully, the Sea Dogs will return to play ball next year.

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