You don't find too many people that share a name with a state in the U.S. You won't find a lot of Mississippi Smith's around. You will however find someone named Maine and she's all over YouTube.

Try searching for Maine on YouTube and you'll find a few videos of our state and then an overload of Maine Mendoza, a Filipina actress, singer-songwriter and television and internet personality. At least that's what Wikipedia says about her. She's 21 and her full name is Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza, or of course, Maine for short.

Apparently Maine has a huge following as people are obsessed with every little thing Maine does including trying to figure out if Maine shared the same Gatorade bottle with her TV co-star. This video of just two pictures has 30,000 views on YouTube in a day!

Maine also got quite a following from her dubsmash videos, one of the few celebrities in the world who could get these kinds of views from lipsyncing. This compilation has over 6.5 million Maine fans that have watched it.

So good luck trying to find Maine videos on YouTube without seeing the face of this woman. Sadly, Massachusetts videos are much easier to find.

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