Bean boots, duck boots, gum boots. Whatever you call them, the classic rubber lower/leather upper winter boot from LL Bean has long been a staple in Maine and are now catching on nationwide as a trendy boot to have, even in much less wintery locations (much like the Uggs of 2005).

If you love your Bean boots but want to stand out as an OG Mainer, you might have to cash in on these limited edition Bean boots from the company's first-time collaboration with the Maine startup company Flowfold!

LL Bean

The new boots will feature Flowfold's signature tough sail material instead of the classic leather upper, and they're sure to be a hit, according to Central Maine.

“They are making roughly 156 boots per day for the next 30 days to keep up with demand,” said Flowfold co-owner James Morin, a Lewiston native. “It’s fair to say that once these sell out, customers will not have another opportunity to get the Flowfold design Bean Boot — at least this season and for sure in these colors.”

The shoes are on sale now - will cost you $139 and come in three color schemes: black and white, blue tones, and earth tones. There's no guarantee this line will continue and the colors are sure to be a marker of the first Flowfold/LL Bean collab, so get 'em while they're hot!



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