Who doesn't love a puppy? Or a sweet kitty? Sadly, many of the older animals in rescues and shelters are ignored due to their age. But there's treasure to be found in these golden years beasts!

In many cases, an older dog will come with an understanding of basic commands, be potty trained, and may even be calmer (perfect for a family looking for a low impact companion).

Training expert Cesar Milan is a supporter of adopting senior pets:  "Unlike a puppy, which requires leash training, etc. an older dog is ready to accompany you on a long walk and already knows how to play fetch. An adult dog will make a great workout partner, a loyal companion, and a late night snuggle buddy." And if they don't know, old dogs CAN learn new tricks.

A great resource is Susie's Senior Dogs on Instagram and Facebook.

We have spotlighted just a few of the Maine senior pets (dogs and cats) in need of a stable home.

Now, the disclaimers:

  • Some senior pets do require extra care and patience due to pre-existing conditions and behavioral issues.
  • Some pets featured for adoption are in rescue situations and are being fostered in private homes, not in a shelter. It is important that you contact the organization that posted the adoptable pet for more information to make sure you are a good fit for the pet's needs.
  • Some pets may no longer be available for adoption.
  • Adopting a senior pet (or any pet) is a serious commitment.
  • Petfinder.com


    10 years old

    From Petfinder.com: Meet the very happy and friendly Chopper! This lil man is a social butterfly and loves every person or animal he meets. Chopper is 10 years old, neutered, up to date with shots, and heartworm negative. He is a little overweight, and weighs around 30 lbs. He is very healthy and active. Chopper definitely does not act like he is a 10 year old senior. Of course, he loves his naps!! If you would like to make this sweet boy a forever part of your family, please fill out the online adoption application.

  • Petfinder.com


    7 years old

    From Petfinder.com: Hi! My name is Holly! I was just a small pup when I entered the Wynne Animal Rescue Shelter in January, 2009. I was adopted just 1 month later and thought I had found my forever home! Five years later, I was picked up by animal control in Mississippi and was scheduled for euthanasia because they could not find my owners and I now had heartworms! They contacted WFOA and those nice people remembered me! They came to my rescue a second time and brought me back home.;. I am doing great! I am now heartworm free, good with other dogs (although I like to just kind of sit and watch them play), and I LOVE TO RUN! You have to watch me sometimes though, because my nose will carry me a little far out as I get caught up in the moment! I AM NOW 7 YEARS OLD - EST DOB 11/27/2008, but in good health, house trained and great with people! I sure would like a real home to spend my senior years. Can you help me?

  • Petfinder.com


    Approx. 14 years old

    From Petfinder.com: My name is Emma. I am not exactly young anymore, although I still enjoy walks and naps and hanging out with people. They say I am 14, but isn’t age just a number? I am pretty healthy for an “old gal”. I did have a bout of vestibular disease last year, but that has gotten a lot better. It made me a little off-balance for a while, but I have improved a lot. My head tilts to the side a little bit, but it doesn’t really bother me and my foster Mom says I am beautiful.

    I used to talk a lot, but I don’t do that so much anymore. I do like to give a nice bark to let people know that I need to go out or if I would like a snack or maybe just to play. After all, I am a hound! Some of us bark a lot! As I get older I find it is less necessary. Since I am not so young anymore, I would really like to find a home and spend some time with a family of my very own again. I don’t need much – a nice bed, treats, a couple of toys and a walk or two a day (to stay in shape of course) – that’s all I need.

    This is what my foster Mom has to say about me, “Emma is a sweet old lady who really does not ask for much. She sleeps a lot and is not quite as active as she used to be. She loves to go out for a few short walks every day so she can smell and check out everything around her. She also loves treats! She is very smart. As much as it will break my heart to not have her with me, I think she deserves to be in a home where she is the only dog and treated like the princess that she is.

  • Petfinder.com

    Tack, a.k.a Jack

    Approx. 10 years old

    From Petfinder.com: Jack (or Tack as he is called at the shelter because there is another Jack) and his sister Holly were kept as outdoor dogs for their whole lives. The owner passed away, and both dogs were brought to the shelter. Holly got adopted, but Jack is still there and the shelter is asking for help in finding him a home. He is around 10 yrs old old and maybe an Australian shepherd/border collie/germ shep? mix. He needs to be with someone who can help him learn how to be an indoor dog (including house training). He is quite a hefty dog too (kind of shaped like a coffee table), so he could also use some help shedding a few pounds. He is a cute little guy! how ca you resist that darling face??? he is 84 pounds.

  • Petfinder.com


    10 years old

    From Petfinder.com: My name is Booker. I am a 10-year-old male Beagle. I lost my Dad due to old age so ended up at the Animal Shelter. I wasn't very happy there, so they transferred me to Tall Tails Beagle Rescue.

    I am a good boy who gets along with other dogs and cats, but can be a little reactive to men. Given a chance I will make someone a wonderful companion. Please give me a loving home

  • Petfinder.com

    Magnum & Tyson

    11 and 8 years old

    From Petfinder.com: These 2 senior sweeties are at the Somerset Humane Society in Skowhegan, Maine. They are awesome dogs that need a foster or forever home together.

    Magnum the 11-year-old Beagle and Tyson the 8-year-old Lab mix are in desperate need of a new home. We would like them to stay together due to how long they have already been together and Magnum really seems to depend on Tyson. They are both very sweet and friendly dogs, good with children. They like other dogs, but probably it would be best if they go to home with no cats or other small animals. They are both neutered and vaccinated. They have a special adoption fee of $100 for both dogs together.

  • Petfinder.com


    9 years old

    From Petfinder.com: Frack is a 9-year-old neutered male. He looks like a bear, this cutie. He is not a fan of the leash, but he won't buck it. He just lies down. He is looking for a couch, some good food or any food (won't complain,) and as much attention as anyone will give him. He loves touch, as you can see. He has also worn his teeth down into the gum, surviving 9 years of abuse and neglect, so this old man deserves only the best! Blessings and love, Frack!

  • Petfinder.com

    Surrey & Gabby

    10 years old

    From Petfinder.com: Gabby, the chi, and Surri, the pom need an adopter. Both are 10. They are 2 senior chihuahuas whose elderly owner passed away. these two sweeties are settling in, and need a home with someone who can go slowly and patiently with them. Probably no children given that they are so fearful. And a quiet home without a lot of foot traffic would be best. will update in a few days after they have been in their new foster home for a few days... thanks so much.

  • Petfinder.com


    Age unknown

    From Petfinder: Pumpkin is a shy kitty who has been at HART (Homeless Animal Rescue Team) for a very long time. She is a gentle little girl who tolerates people in her area but does not appreciate your attempts to pet her - she would much prefer that you admire her from a distance.

  • Petfinder.com

    Pudge & Sergio

    Age unknown

    From  Petfinder.com: Pudge and his buddy Sergio came to HART after their owners split up. The boys have been together since they were kittens and they would like to stay paired in their next home. Pudge is a sweet kitty who likes being petted.

  • Petfinder.com


    Age unknown

    From Petfinder: Monster came to us with his name, but it couldn't be more wrong for him. He is a sweet and friendly kitty who adores people and gets along very well with the other cats at HART (Homeless Animal Rescue Team). Monster is diabetic and needs insulin and a low carb canned diet. A diabetic cat needs some extra care, but these special cats are just so deserving and they definitely appreciate their caregivers. Monster is easygoing and would do well in just about any home environment (except no dogs, please).