The Maine DOT is planning to make safety improvements to an intersection in Windham that desperately needs it, but taking a look at their plan, I'm not sure they're doing enough.

Albion Road crosses Route 302 in Windham about a mile east of the rotary and if you want to get out into traffic that is going well above the 50 MPH speed limit, you better time it just right, because the car on the other side of 302 wants to do the same. They don't have their turn signal on, so they're going straight right? You better hope so.

If you're heading west turning off 302 onto Albion and someone is doing the same in the other direction, your view of oncoming traffic is blocked, so you have to slowly inch your way over to be sure someone isn't barreling down on you at 60 MPH or just wait until the other driver makes their turn.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In 2019 the concrete islands at the intersection were painted bright green to get people's attention that they can't drive on them, but this intersection needs more after there were 40 crashes here in 2021.

The Maine DOT is planning to spend $156,000 on safety improvements to the intersection in 2023. I was hoping a traffic light would be going in here to make turning here easier and safer, but that's not the plan.

A flashing beacon will be installed. You know the ones that flash yellow in one direction and red in another? In addition, they will re-paint pavement markings and install delineators at the islands. What is a delineator? I found some on Amazon and they look like this.

Sounds like painting the islands green isn't doing the trick, so they're going to surround it with these.

I'm kind of disappointed an actual traffic light isn't going in here. It really needs it just so people turning left can do so without worrying about the blind spot they have when someone is doing the same the other way.

The Maine DOT does want feedback on the plan, so you can give yours by clicking here.

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