This guy is either one of the dumbest contestants ever to appear on The Price is Right or he really thinks a hammock is incredibly expensive. It could be both. 

So let's break down the awful bit on the hammock and figure out what Corey SHOULD have done to have the best chance to be up on stage to play a pricing game.

Keep in mind that this is the last item up for bids. That means it's the contestants last chance to get up on stage and Corey has the advantage because he's bidding last. The poor woman who got called down at this stage of the game is worst off because she only gets one shot at it and she has to go first! Corey is in the driver's seat, yet he still blows it.

The Price is Right via YouTube
The Price is Right via YouTube

Even if Corey thought the hammock was $7000 he shouldn't have bid that much. When it came to him the bids were 750, 1200 and 755. If he thought the hammock was $7000 he should have bid 1201. This assures that the 1200 bidder can only win if they are exactly right since you must be closest to the actual retail price WITHOUT going over. His only worry then would be if the hammock cost between 755 and 1200. The odds are against the 750 bidder because she can only win if the price is 750 to 754.

If you watched the video you know that even a 1201 bid wouldn't have won it for Corey. Just some common sense would tell you that the hammock is unlikely to be over $1000 so the smartest bid here would have been 756 to lock out the 755 bid and get you in that 756 to 1199 range, a decent spread for a hammock. The other option is to bid $1 if you think all the others have overbid and it's a really cheap hammock.

Follow all that? No? That's okay. Here's the biggest thing to remember: If you're ever on the show and bidding last, never and I mean NEVER bid more than $1 above the highest bid. You're just decreasing your chances of winning.

Was Corey the worst bidder ever on The Price is Right? No. But really can you blame this little old lady from the 80's who had no idea how much surf boards cost. Bob Barker got to have some fun with her for this ridiculous bid.

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