Over vacation, our family made our way through Maine.  We have family in Midcoast Maine and one of our favorite places in the world is Acadia National Park, a little further up.

As you may know, the closer you get to Acadia, the higher the price of the hotels, so we opted for a reasonable Motel.

When we walked in, I saw a bright, clean room with many, many flowers and colors.  The borders on the walls were very, very popular in the '80's and '90's, but their popularity seems to have waned.

The walls were also decorated with beautiful "yard-sale" ish artwork, which could be worth big bucks if it was appraised on that PBS show, "Antiques Roadshow."

Sully pix

The curtains are closed in this pic, but the backyard view was beautiful.  We just decided to shut them for a better picture.  The pillowcases were soft and smelled like Downey Fabric Softener.

Sully Pix

The chairs in the living area were extremely comfortable and might I say.... they looked very expensive!  You often see this type of chair in big houses say... in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Not usually paired with flowery wall borders, but hey.. It's a look.

Sully Pix

As you can see, the flower theme continued throughout the room.  You might think that the print on this wall is a scratch and sniff, but it's not.  I checked.

Sully Pix

The bathroom had a great shower with good pressure!  There's nothing worse than going into a hotel/motel room ready for a nice warm shower and ya get no pressure.  This one, however, was really great.  The bright pastel theme continued, but not as many flowers in the bathroom.

Sully pix

The door jam accent color choice looks like Bubble Yum Bubble Gum which was also extremely popular in the '80's.  In my house, it's still popular today.  The pink goes with the blue wall that serves as a headboard for the bed.  Lovely!

Sully pix

Even the accessories in the room have that pastel vibe.

We had a great night's sleep, they had continental breakfast the next morning and the staff was lovely.  That's not always the case at really expensive places.

What a chic place that has all the lovely charm of your nana or grandmother's home, am I right?

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