Tag followed a man home on his jog when he was just a 4-month old pup. He was a stray, covered in fleas and ticks, and was pulled into a foster home until the shelter had space for him. Fast forward 9-years and Tag is back with a rescue group for the third time, hoping this will be the last time.

Tag's first home came quick after landing in the shelter the first time. He was a cute pup with a great personality. His humans loved him for about a year, but when their marriage ended in divorce, Tag ended up back in a rescue situation.

This sweet hound-whippet mix was adopted again and lived with his new human for four years until, sadly, a medical condition prevented his mom from caring for him any longer.

It seemed like Tag might have finally found his happy ending when his current family adopted him. For the last four years they worked with Tag, taking training classes to battle his anxiousness around children and new situations. He will sleep in his crate with the door open and can be trusted in the house when his humans aren't home.

But life has taken a toll on Tag. When his humans welcomed their new baby into their lives, Tag couldn't handle being around a small child. It seems his nervousness got the best of him and he's back again, waiting for a home for the rest of his life.

His foster home says, "Tag is an incredibly sweet dog; he & I cuddle a lot. He has been an absolute doll and a piece of cake to foster. He isn't clingy at all. He hasn't been able to figure out my stairs so he's been sleeping downstairs in my living room and has been fine with it. He does not need to be with me all of the time and is fine if I go upstairs without him. He's a very sweet, easy-going dog; he does have some quirks but they are manageable." 

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