I may just be incredibly sleep-deprived, but I found this 2-minute video of a Mainer throwing ice sheets and stomping around on frozen shore of a Maine river INCREDIBLY ENTERTAINING. I don't know if it's the fact that he adopts a cartoonish gate halfway through, if I can identify with his apparent desire to pick up ice and chuck it back down, drawing pleasure from the CRASH, or if I just really really need a nap. Whatever it is, please confirm my conclusion that this is 2 minutes worth staring at your computer for.

Believe me, you've paused your mindless instagram scroll for much worse.

Thank you, iceman, for allowing me to zone out for a solid two minutes watching you silently do exactly what I would if I were alone on the shore of a frozen Maine river, right down to the stiff turn-arounds using your whole body because your hood is up. The only thing I'm usually missing is the Hawaiian music.

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