Every once in a while when I'm browsing through YouTube I come across a gem of Maine history, and this one is no exception. A family took a video of their trip to Funtown in 1990 and it's amazing how much the park has changed since then.

The video was published by a YouTube channel named Vintage VHS Videos New Brunswick and Maine USA. Oddly they also have a lot of vintage episodes of The Price is Right, which is puzzling, but being an uber fan of the show, I'm not going to complain.

The video was shot on a camcorder on VHS by a family going to Futnown with their young son. The father is behind the camera most of the time following his wife and son but for a few shots, they switch camera duties.

The date, if the camcorder date was set correctly, was August 2, 1990 and it shows so many things that are no longer there. Back then, it was just Funtown. Spalshtown would come later in the decade.

The video shows attractions no longer there that you might remember like the Haunted House, the original bumper boats, batting cages, mini-golf course, Cascade Water Park and the beloved Kart Land.

This is not HD video shot with a smartphone. It's grainy, blurry and there's no camera stabilization like you have in your smartphone, but you still get some pretty good shots of what there used to be.

Watch the video below for a trip back in time, and then scroll down for a shot-by-shot photo breakdown of the things you saw that are no longer there and a description of their history.

This Video Will Remind You What Maine's Funtown Splashtown Looked Like in 1990

Photos from a video found on YouTube show what Funtown in Saco, Maine looked like back in 1990.

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