It was just as Cans for a Cure was wrapping up when I heard, ''s your mom!'


It's not often that I hear that. Especially since my mom passed five years ago from breast cancer. We were in the last hour of Cans for a Cure...a three day (year long) fundraiser for breast cancer we've been doing for 17 years.

As the goal becomes approachable, I really get emotional. It's partly because I'm exhausted, but it's also because of my mom. I think of her...and I miss her. That's when Deneka from the Dempsey Center screamed across the tent,

Lori! It's your mom! This is definitely your mom saying she's proud of you!

Then she showed me her spread sheet that keeps track of our donations. This was the amount right before the auction was added!



What are the odds, that the total would be 99,999.79? Deneka was so moved by this as a clear sign of my mom, that she got goosebumps.

I know that my mom was in the cab of that giant box truck from Bill Dodge Autogroup, that I drove around for about 350 miles over two days. And maybe, just maybe, she was letting me know that we done good.


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