It's our favorite new discovery on Social Media. The incredible Bangor Police Department's "Got Warrants" report. 

From this week's report:

A dude who thought it would be a good idea to store HIMSELF in a storage unit:

A man who rented a storage unit also was determined to keep a body inside the 4' by 8' unit. This was not acceptable.

No, I don't mean a dead body, although those have been known to be kept in storage units in the past, his own actual body.

The man had missed the fine print that clearly stated that he could not live inside the storage unit. It has no plumbing or lighting but it did not seem to bother him.

A guy who just wanted his song to be heard:

A tall man with a guitar was committed to keeping the crowd entertained at a popular downtown watering hole.

The problem was that the man was not hired to do so. He began to argue with the house band that he wanted a chance to play some of his original works.

When the band continued to play, similar to the band on the Titanic, the man ripped off his shirt and screamed, “Let’s do this!” Officer Taylor Reynolds was sent down to ask the man to move along. No shoes, no shirt, no singing. It's one of our many credos.


And some kids wandering aimlessly through the streets of Bangor:

Officer Huggins was dispatched to look for the group of five teenagers walking in from outer State Street. He never found them but still felt that the description of one member of the group would have been made him easily identifiable.

The 5’10” male was said to have been wearing a trench coat, swinging a sword, and wearing a top-hat as he walked towards town.

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