Can you guess which three New England states made the top ten "Most Attractive States" list? These are the states with the most beautiful people, according to Zippia.

Not Maine. Not New Hampshire. Not Vermont.

The three states are Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Zippia's research determined that most people (64% ) in the United States are "concerned about looks." This isn't surprising. It's what most of us see first.

When the career advice website conducted this study, it ranked the 50 U.S. states based on factors such as clothing, grooming, and hair, along with obesity rates versus how often people exercise. The researchers also looked at average incomes, and STD rates.

The top ten "Most Attractive States" are:
(1) New Jersey
(2) Hawaii
(3) California
(4) Massachusetts
(5) New York
(6) Colorado
(7) Connecticut
(8) Rhode Island
(9) Alaska
(10) Arizona

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