Can you guess which New England states made the list of most pet-obsessed states in the U.S.?

85-million families own pets in the United States, according to the AT&T Resource Center. That's 90-million dogs and 94-million cats. Americans love to post pictures of their pets on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, making us one pet-obsessed nation. AT&T decided to find out which states are the most obsessed by examining which states tweet the most about their pets. The researchers looked at approximately 225,000 tweets, containing the words dog, cat or pet.

Three New England states made the top 20 list. They are:

Rhode Island at #9.
Massachusetts at #15.
Maine at #20.

Washington D.C. was number one on the list of top tweeters, followed by Hawaii, Alaska and Oregon. New Hampshire, Connecticut and Vermont are much further down on the list of pet-obsessed states.

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