Before this even gets out of hand, let me preface this right off the bat -- I love Meredith Steele (you may know her better as @babiesofsteele on TikTok.) This isn't an article to slam her or make her out to be a "crazy cat lady" -- honestly, I wouldn't call someone I think is a legit crazy cat lady, a crazy cat lady. Because I feel like a crazy cat lady would be so crazy that she'd sneak her cat into my house and have it eat my jugular.

But I digress. Meredith Steele? Cool. Hilarious. Good people. And happens to treat her cats like actual human babies in a totally normal (?) way.

Cat Baby Carrier

I didn't realize this was a legit thing, but I should've known. If people legitimately not just walk their cats around on a leash, but actually walk around with them in a baby stroller, why wouldn't a cat baby carrier be a thing?

Meredith linked up with her friend AJ from Australia to try out her new cat baby carrier on...well, so Meredith has five cats. And there's nothing wrong with that! She clearly just has a lot of love to give and that love comes in the form of a husband, human babies, and a possible full litter of cats.

Anyway, it's tough to figure out who is more excited about the cat carrier. Actually, it's not, because not one cat looks excited (I mean, cats don't look excited ever, but especially to be put in this carrier.) Meredith, though, is living her best life and I'm here for it. (The excited shriek at the beginning sold it for me.)

After successfully getting Pika into the carrier, she tried cat #2, Tedward Scissorhands. (Can we also give props to Meredith for some STELLAR pet names?)

Know why Meredith is good at what she does? Because even though it's her cat that she clearly provides a good home for, she still has to add a disclaimer at the end to show Tedward purring and not acting like an abused cat. Welcome to the forever ongoing Social Media Era where everyone always tries to ruin everyone else's lives. Anyway, here's cat #3, "Norman Kevin."

Hagris was the fourth cat to be lucky enough to be...swaddled? Is this technically kind of swaddling?

(Also, can we talk about how Meredith lowkey dropped a one-liner in there that Hagris "is the cat that loves overalls, too." Like, loves being put into overalls, or loves crawling through overalls being worn by people?)

And finally, she got her fifth cat -- yes, FIFTH -- Pebbles, into the carrier. Who happens to be the floofiest of floofballs.

Honestly, I have only two questions (and remember, I love Meredith): 1) What the hell did I just watch? and 2) Why do I want to get one for my dog Remy and randomly walk around the neighborhood wearing him as a front backpack? (Spoiler: I'm kidding. That'd end up some kind of Pet Sematary spinoff.)

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